Silicone Scar Sheeting Before And After Pictures

Silicone sheeting can improve the looks of scars considerably. Especially when they are used in the first 6 months after wound closure.

Here are some before and after pictures of the results.

scar before and after silicone sheets
1. before and after silicone sheets

As you can see on the photo to the right scars will not get much smaller once they have a certain width.

That’s why it is important to reduce tension on the wound and scar tissue during the first healing phase.

A common method to keep tension at bay is by taping the wound/scar. Often paper tape is used for this purpose.


facial scar before and after
2. facial scars often improve a lot

Silicone sheets are cumbersome to use on the face. That’s why most people opt for a silicone gel cream.

After application a thin film forms over the scar tissue. An alternative is to wear silicone sheets at night.

If necessary attached with silk tape (doesn’t irritate the skin). In case of severe facial scarring, silicone masks are used.


comparison of a scar with and witout treatment
3. with or without treatment

An example of how silicone sheeting makes a scar less elevated and less discolored.

Many scars will fade to a more normal state eventually but sometimes the opposite happens, keloids form. Silicones help prevent such abnormal scarring.

wide scar before and after silicones
4. wide scar has flattened and smoothened

Wide scars can not be made smaller (except by surgical treatment) but they can be blended in as you can see on photo 4.




5. hypertrophic scars can improve a lot

Hypertrophic scar before and after treatment.



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14 thoughts on “Silicone Scar Sheeting Before And After Pictures

  1. Hi I bought these and I just put them on today I was using tegederm it’s been 5 weeks since my breast augumentation can you use these on healed scars that are not raised ?

    1. Hi Car, you can. You many not see that much improvement though since, if I understand you correctly, your scars are already flat and soft. Maybe if you want to reduce redness and get soft and white or skin colored scars more quickly.

    1. I assume your local pharmacy sells silicone sheets. also offers ScarAway, Dermatix, CicaCare and other brands.

  2. Hi I really need to get rid of scars on my face. it would be in my best interest if I may get help… my self esteem is low due to these scars..

  3. Hi, may I know will this method works on asian skin and its like 10 years old already? If im not wrong, it should be keloids scar

  4. Hello my scar is a 15 year old burn with keloids and hypothermic scars on it and it’s completely healed.. had it all my life.. I’ve been hiding it all my life… my self esteem has been destroyed for as long as I can remember. Would this work to flatten and diminish the scar?

  5. Hey.. I acquired a scar but I used contratubex a tube for scars. Tho it jhus messed up the whole scar an it turned so and swollen so I went to a surgeon and he restructured it. But then after while its pink in color. Not only d scar bt also d sorrrounding skin and rough. Will the sheets help clear d whole area?

  6. Can anyone say this is totally worth buying ive read the reviews and am a bit sceptical does this REALLY WORK?

    1. I am doctoral level chemist/Pharmacist. I use and recommend silicone adhesive (from hardware store) instead of expensive silicone scar products. Do small overnight test patch on wrist. If no adverse reaction, apply layer over scar and apply occlusive bandage such as Tegederm.

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