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My ScarAway Review

There are several silicone sheet brands such as Rejuveness, Mepiform, ScarFX, Dr.Blaine, Cica Care, and ScarAway. All of these are designed specifically for the treatment of scars. I happen to know a fair bit of OTC scar treatment and generally recommend ScarAway.

Read my ScarAway review to find out why (apart from having used them myself and being content with the results).

Important note: silicones for scars are designed to flatten, soften, reduce itch and pain, and tone down the color of raised scars. They will (probably) not work on indented scars.

My Personal Review

before and after silicone scar sheets
before and after silicone scar sheets

First a bit about my own experiences. A few years ago I ended up in the hospital with stitches in my face, neck, chest and back. I was concerned about the scars that inevitably would emerge. Upon asking nurses, doctors, and even a dermatologist for treatment tips I got little to no useful advice. Mostly I was told that you can’t do anything when it comes to improving the cosmetic appearance of scars.

Partly from being stubborn and mostly because I found it very hard to cope with my new markings I started doing research. Only after contacting a private clinic I learned about silicone sheeting. I started using the sheets and soon noticed the scars becoming softer, flatter, and less itchy and painful. After wearing them for months my scars had improved a lot.

My most problematic scar

One part of the 20 cm long vertical scar on my chest was problematic from the beginning. It seems this is a very delicate and vulnerable part of the skin on the chest. When I bend my head on my chest its the part just below my chin touching my chest.

Some scars, particularly in the sternum, shoulder, shinbone (tibia), jawbone, and earlobe heal slower. They also tend to become more prominent.

It started with not healing appropriate. Where the rest of the wound was already healed this part stayed an open wound for a much longer time. Later on when the scar was improving this part stayed thicker and more red. The technical name for this is hypertrophic. I considered a steroid injection but eventually decided not to. (Actually I forgot about my appointment, unconsciously being aware of the risk I guess)

I used ScarAway silicone sheets. The long ones so I could use one patch for the whole scar.

About a year later I noticed the scar had healed pretty well and was nice flat and the color was better, more skin like. So after all I am glad I didn’t opt for the steroid injection because it seems many times it doesn’t work or can even make it worse. The scar will heal itself every time it is messed with so leaving it will eventually be the best solution.

Silicone Sheets Offer Immediate Sensitive Scar Relief

Another benefit of wearing (ScarAway) silicone sheets had to do with the most problematic scar of mine. The part of the scar on my chest that was widened, raised, stiff, and purple colored. There’s not much tissue there. In fact it’s very delicate skin almost directly on the sternal bone. I guess this combination of delicate skin and the stiff scar placed on the bone is what made it so sensitive.

Also the location, there’s much friction with clothes, zippers from jackets, buttons, and seat belts made this hypertrophic part of my scar very annoying. Sometimes it did hurt but mostly it just was a very unpleasant feeling. I don’t really know how to describe it. My point is that wearing the silicone scar sheets offered relief. It formed a buffer between the sensitive scar and the things frustrating it. In my opinion this is another benefit of wearing the sheets.

What Should You Look For?

ScarAway silicone for scars
ScarAway silicone for scars

High Quality Silicones
First of all it should be mentioned that not all brands make use of the same type of silicones. There are differences in the quality of silicones used in the products. ScarAway has the proven effective dimethicone silicones and uses Silon technology as well. More in a bit.

Breathable Sheets
Apart from a high quality silicone gel formula these sheets (and their backings) should also allow oxygen to pass through. This is important because if the strip isn’t breathable it might cause skin maceration. We all know the effects of skin maceration when we’ve bathed for a long time and our fingers have turned white and wrinkled. Maceration could result in the skin or scar tissue getting infected with bacteria or fungi. It could also lead to worsening (e.g. widening) of the scar. A reader informed me about how he experienced skin maceration during the use of Dr.Blaine silicone strips.

Moderate Stickiness
Because the silicone scar sheets tend to fall off from time time one could be inclined to think that the strips can’t be sticky enough. (A lack of adhesiveness is one of the common complaints about silicones for scars.) But, as the surgeon of someone commenting on my posts said:

“a proper silicone sheet should never produce a severe pulling on your scar. If it is too sticky, there is the potential to further damage the new skin, or even open a delicate healing area. in general, he said the ideal sheet would be sticky enough to help you position it on the scar, and use a medical tape..cotton or silk, to secure further if necessary…but stickier does not equate to more effective.”

The strips should not be too thick. Some brands offer pads instead of the thinner sheets. These are thought to embed dirt in them whereas thinner ones are easier to clean. Apart from that they are more comfortable.

ScarAway is a brand that combines all these traits. It is, together with Oleeva which I believe isn’t in production anymore, the only brand that makes use of the patented Silon technology.

So What’s This Patented Silon Technology?

ScarAway silicone sheet with Silon technology
ScarAway’s Silon technology

Silon technology was previously exclusively available to major hospitals, burn centers, and the US Military. The trademark is protected by a series of foreign and US patents. Silon technology is also used by plastic surgeons, hospitals, and burn centers in specialty scar treatment garments, masks and sheeting.

Silon technology, is a specially formulated silicone, that mimics the natural barrier function of healthy skin. Research suggests that Silon acts to hydrate scar tissue, which in turn works to soften the scar by breaking down excess collagen, reducing its development and causing it to fade away faster.

“ScarAway starts by softening your scar tissue. Softening of your scar will be noticed in the first few days. This softening occurs by hydrating your scar which in turn helps break down the excess collagen produced when your skin was healing. Over time, with the ideal healing environment created with consistent daily use of ScarAway, your scar will begin to remodel… it will physically change… becoming flatter, smoother, and closer to the texture and color of your surrounding healthy skin. Continue to use ScarAway until your scar has stopped responding for two weeks. The results you achieve with ScarAway are permanent.”

Make sure to choose the right size for your scar. ScarAway comes in 2 sizes: 1.5 x 3″ and 1.5 x 7″. The sheets can also be cut to size for smaller scars or worn side-by-side for larger scars.ScarAway comes in a new package (see below). Some might find this confusing and ask what the difference is with the old, blue package but there is no difference. The same product in a new package.

Scaraway Professional Grade Silicone Scar Treatment Sheets  1.5

Scaraway Professional Grade Silicone Scar Treatment Sheets 1.5″ x 3″ 8-Count

Amazon Price: $24.40

Silicone Scar Sheets by other Brands

Cica Care, Dr.Blaine, Curad, Rejuveness, Scar Fx

I’m not sure what to think about the silicone scar sheets by Curad. According to a study titled “Silicone Gel Products and Scar Integrity” Curad sheets were the cheapest and most effective sheets when compared with Band-Aid and Cica Care sheets. The predominant negative user reviews I read on Amazon don’t seem to match with this conclusion. (a report of this study (Powerpoint presentation) can be found by searching Google for the title)Scar Fx and Rejuveness both offer pre-shaped strips. ScarAway also has dedicated strips for caesarian section scars.

Check out this page for a list with silicone scar sheet brands.

44 thoughts on “My ScarAway Review

  1. My daughter had a lesion removed fr om her cheek just three weeks ago. Its not infected but does look lumpy and a bit red. Ihad seen the rejuveness 1.6 ins adhesive discs. Do you know anything about these. The postage to the uk is quite a lot. Do you. think i should just go for silicone sheets and cut to size. Imust thank you for all the information. You have turned a bad thing that hppened to you around by using it to help other people

  2. Hi Susan, yes, you can cut the sheets to the appropriate size. That’s what I did. I would like to point out that, since your daughter’s scar is on her cheek, adhesiveness is important. I know this has improved the past years but maybe it’s wise to check reviews before choosing. ( I don’t know which brand you are considering) Hope this helps. Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Hello, I have a dermal scar from a piercing, it’s raised and hard. It’s an ugly looking bump in the middle of my chest. Will this help?

    1. Hi Shanyia, chances are silicone sheets will help flatten and soften your scar. Ocassionaly people find that silicones don’t work for them but most of the time I hear positive stories. Apart from that, there’s no real OTC alternative so if I were you I’d give it a try.

    2. Cica care is the best solution when it comes to raised scars. For all other scars, Scar Away or Mederma will do the trick.

    1. Generally silicone sheets do not work on indented scars except for maybe the discolorization.

      I do know of someone who told me he thought that a really sticky silicone sheeting brand did lift his indented scar somewhat up. Read this post to learn more.

  4. Some advice to those who have lack of sticking issues, so you can avoid using tape or band aids to secure the patch after a couple of days: I’ve found that if you use one strip for a day, wash it gently with cold water and leave it out to dry, and then put a SECOND strip on for the next 24 hours, then wash it, and put on the original one…etc etc. By rotating two strips, I’ve found you can wear one almost all the time (which speeds up the treatment), plus use those two strips for 2 weeks without experiencing any (lack of) stickiness issues.

    As for which kind of treatment I found helpful to minimize the scar tissue, I started with Maderma cream, and tried Derma e Scar Gel (mostly botanical extracts). Eventually I got a recommendation from a surgical nurse for ScarAway, and she said her own son had used it with excellent results.
    You know how you wish you could to a side-by-side comparison to see if it’s the patch making a difference, rather than just your body’s own healing power? I actually did one, by accident/growing impatience, when I used the strips regularly for my first surgical incision (putting in a port), and then later when I had to have the identical procedure done on my chest again (because the skin on the first incision failed to knit properly) I used the strips on both sites for a while, but stopped using the strips after the first 8 weeks. It’s now been over a year, and I have to say that the first incision appears smaller, flat, and only very slightly discolored, while the second incision continues to be dark pink, raised, and the same size. Needless to say, now that I feel motivated again, I’m going straight to Amazon to buy the strips again.

    Lastly, I just wanted to thank you, the site’ creator, for all of your work and effort in creating and maintaining this site. I particularly found this post INCREDIBLY helpful, because I have, it sounds like, a VERY similar scar to yours: on my chest, vertical, and while initially it seemed to heal, after a couple of weeks began to look like the skin was not knitting together properly. Before I knew it, the skin seemed to spread open a bit, eventually leaving me with a raised, dark pink-ish colored scar that is wider than the original incision. I just wanted to post this so you would know that your suppositions are correct about the chest being a ‘problem area’ for others as well as yourself.

    Good luck, and sorry for the novel-sized length of the post!

    1. Thanks for sharing Alexandra. That’s very useful advice, especially rotating the strips from day to day. I hadn’t thought of that when I used mine. Good luck to you too.

        1. Depends on how the scar looks. If it’s raised and discolored, silicone gel can help. If depressed and light colored it’s less likely to help.

        2. I undergone tubal ligation.mark really visible. I used dermatix, seems the results not good, because maybe I do stretching at the same time. My scar looks ugly and bulky .what do you recommend for me ? BECAUSE I always do stomach stretching everyday

  5. I had a mole removed from my upper lip a few years ago and now have a raised scar. I am looking for something to shrink and make it less noticeable. Do you think the sheets or the gel would be a better option?

    1. You could use sheets and wear them at night and while at home. But I can imagine that will be cumbersome since you will probably have to use tape to keep it attached, even if you use Alexandra’s method of rotating strips each day, so the more convenient option would be gel. And because of that you may end up using the gel more religiously (i.e. 24 hours a day) which will aid the end result. But then again, I haven’t had a scar on my upper lip so it’s just my two cents. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  6. This is for Sam,

    I have used both ScarAway sheets and their gel with excellent results. I would suggest for the scar above your lip that you try ScarAway’s new self drying gel. It is kind of a hybrid between a silicone sheet and a silicone gel. When you apply it, you spread it very thin and it forms an invisible “sheet” over the scar. It bonds nicely to skin and is invisible. I have used makeup over it on my face. Good luck, I hope this helps! You can get their gel at amazon too. It is called Scaraway scar repair gel. The 20g size online is a great deal. It is 2x the amount of the size you can get in a store.

  7. Hi,
    I suffered a second degree burn almost four weeks ago after accidentally tipping a pan of boiling water over the top of my hand. It has healed well but my first two fingers and the half of my hand below them are pink/purple/red depending on whether my arm is hanging down, the external temperature (which affects the circulation to my hand, and my circulation is pretty poor to my hands normally anyway) and also whether I’m stressed. Which obviously also affects my circulation. Do you think the scar sheets will help with my problem?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Bella, they might but especially if your scars are elevated as well. In any case you may want to use a self drying silicone gel instead of sheets since sheet will be virtually impossible to keep attached on fingers etc.

      I think just by massaging and using a cheap moisturizer such as Vaseline your scar may improve too. Especially if not raised. Don’t forget to protect if from UV light.

  8. Hi guyz, i also have the same problem with hyperthrophic scars. I have both on the knees caused by warts removal when i was still a kid. I git very conscious about it when i was growing up, i could’nt even wear shorts or mini skirts because i was too embarassed to show it. Today i purchased the scar away silicon sheet, im hoping that this is the answer that i’ve been waitng for. Will update you for any results 🙂

  9. hi i am just fell off my bike and i have a huge road rash burn on my thigh. what would you guys recommend as this is my first big scar. its about the size of iphone 6s (sorry couldn’t think of anything else this size)

    i cant decide between mederma or the sheets. the sun is super strong here so i also have to worry about sun protection and i just moved to bali so my friend is gonna have to bring me whatever i decide to have her buy me back in the states when she visits me in 10 days. i have to buy as many as i will think i need. the shipping and customs here is insane so my only hope is her bringing me stuff.

    how many and which would you use for this.
    the scar is brand new.

    also how do the sheets work with sweat and sun?

    thank you

  10. I found Mepitac Silicon Scar Tape to be the best all around, it sticks very well, can also use the same tape for up to a week and it can be cut to various sizes. It works best used over a silicon gel such as ScarAway, Dermatrix, Arnica Gel or even a 100% silicon gel which is what I use.

  11. Hey..
    I hv been through a surgery which caused me good 7 inches scar on my thigh. I want to know how many days I can wear a single silicone gel sheet.

    1. You’ll see it will become less sticky and you may have trouble keeping it on. Using silk tape (or another type of tape ) can help. Washing the sheets can help too. Wash, let dry for a day while you use a new piece (or a previously washed and dried piece).

    1. See the instructions on the package but often it is recommended to cut the sheets slightly larger than the actual scar area. That’s how I did it too. No worries, your intact skin will not be harmed.

  12. My daughter feel on her face and has a mark still after a year it’s not a raised scar but discolored and texture changes. Will this product work now for her?

  13. Hi I did have a surgery scar on my cheek bone area. Just wondering if it will improve appearance and discoloration. Since it is a flat scar and these don’t help to elevate. Please let me know if appearance would make a difference

    1. Commonly scars improve in time. Especially on the face, as is my experience. I’d make sure to keep it protected from too much sunshine. You could also massage it and keep it moist (i.e. with Vaseline or a cream to your liking).

  14. i recently had skin grafting on vitiligo patches..does sheet works on skin grafted area and skin donor area

  15. My scars are self inflicted due to me being a picker. It started out with in grown hairs on my arms that were painful and only relief i could get was to free the ingrown hairs. My horrible results are white patchy scars resembling alot like Vitiligo any sucess or recommendation on if scar away will work or help for me or if there is a better product I should be using one that is more for my need? Thanx for all the great responses in to our questions

  16. I have used Cica Care sheets several times over the past five years on scars from skin cancer and melanoma removal. I have found it to be easy to use and very successful in making the skin in the scar area flexible and pale. It has been especially good on my face where scars are now almost invisible.

  17. I have used the Scaraway brand a few times and have noticed that it causes the area around my scar to flair up in pain. I didn’t know until now hat it ruined my day yesterday, I put one on this morning and it immediately started hurting, so I took it off and the pain stopped. I don’t know if I’m allergic to these sheets or what. Anyone else experience this???

  18. This product is awesome. My friend had told me about this seeing I had a growth removed close to my elbow on the side of my arm and it left a good size scar. She brought one for me to try and the next day I couldn’t believe my eyes. It truly does work and now I am going out to buy my own box.

  19. Can you use the ScarAway sheets 24X7 and just replace them every 14 days? or is it important to remove them before showers and then reapply?

  20. Cica Care or ScarAway? I have hypertrophic scars on my nose from acne. They are discolored (white, just a little bit) The sheets make the scar more white? Thnks

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