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These Are The Best Silicone Scar Sheet Brands You Can Buy

silicone scar sheet
silicone scar sheet

Silicone scar sheets are low cost, (relatively) easy to use and help you improve hypertrophic scars.

If you do a quick Google or Bing search you will see there is a wide range of different brands. So which one to pick? More in a bit..

And if you do a quick PubMed search you will learn this is the only  clinically proven home remedy.

In case you didn’t know, you can recognize hypertrophic scars by an increased amount of scar tissue within the original wound boundary.

Keloids, a specific type of hypertrophic scars,  are scars in which the tissue grows beyond the original wound borders.

In layman’s terms, discolored, raised scars can be improved with silicones.

Most depressed scars do not seem to benefit from silicone scar treatment.

Proven effective..

A large meta study examining all kinds of home scar removal methods concluded that silicone gel sheeting had “marked benefit” while pressure therapy (use of pressure garments) and Imiquimod cream had “some benefit.”

Method of action (how they work)..

How the exactly work is still not entirely clear. Initially it was thought that increased temperature, pressure, and the silicone were what improves scars.

Nowadays it is theorized that oxygen tension and hydration reduce excess scar tissue. wound healing.

Before we try to determine which silicone brand is best, first a bit about whether you should buy sheets or a gel.

Sheets vs Gel?

Research shows that silicone sheeting works better than silicone gel or oil. Likely because  occlusion of the scar and subsequent hydration are responsible for toning down unbalanced fibroblast collagen growth (scar tissue).

Based on my own experiences as well as what studies show is that, if possible, go for sheeting in favor of a cream.

If you find it is hard or nearly impossible to keep sheets attached then opt for a gel. Or for example when you don’t want people to notice you are wearing silicones on your scar.

The Best Silicone Scar Sheeting Brands

These are my recommendations as a former user of silicone sheeting and someone who has been recommending these to friends and aquaintances for years now.

I have picked a most affordable product, a most convenient but slightly pricier one, the best brand if you have really sensitive skin or a troublesome / delicate scar, and a product that combines silicones with paper tape (the one I would use myself if I would need them right now).


ScarAway-silicone-scar-sheetsI  commonly recommend this brand because I used it myself and it worked well for me. It is rated 3,5 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

I feel this rating is a bit low but this may be due to the fact that you have to wear the sheets religiously. I mean at least 12 hours (and preferably longer – up to 24 hours) a day for weeks, if not months. Some people may not be able to do so and blame the product.

Scaraway sheets breathe (are permeable) thus allowing oxygen in the hydrated skin and reduce the chance on skin maceration or rash. Not all brands breathe.

  • Pros: works well, relatively well reviewed, made from safe dimethicone silicones, breathe, reputable brand, come in pre-shaped C-section sheets, more affordable at $23,99.
  • Cons: it’s not the brand with the highest adhesiveness. If you need really sticky silicone sheets than the next brand may be for you.

Cica Care

Cica-Care-silicone-scar-sheetsI haven’t used Cica Care myself but with a 4 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon it’s a serious contender to be called (one of) the best brand(s).

Being very sticky, Cica Care silicone sheets may be extra convenient on body locations such as the neck, chest, stomach, back, or even face (although I can imagine many people would rather use a cream for facial scars).

This is a big plus since silicone sheets tend to roll up. Which is annoying because you have to keep putting them in place again.

I mentioned before that silicone therapy does not work on indented scars. Cica care may be helpful though based on what a user wrote me:

.. I get the sense that this Cica Care pad is doing a better job of flattening by pulling up the sunken middle of my scar than the others. Because the gel conforms so well to the shape of the scar, it makes clingy contact with the sunken parts better than the others, and I think that tends to pull them up over time.

  • Pros: probably the best stickiness among brands, high customer rating, renowned brand, may help improve indented scars.
  • Cons: higher price. ($47,-)

Mepitac Silicone Tape

mepitac-silicone-tapeThis product is often recommended by surgeons and dermatologists. The advantage of Mepitac silicone tape is that it stays on very well.

Contrary to many sheets this occlusive sticks to your scar until you peel it off.  It even stays on in the shower or during swimming. Like with sheets you can re-use pieces.

Because of its strong attachment it may not be that suitable for delicate scar tissue. For example if you are concerned you may re-open the just healed wound or when you have sensitive skin.

Here’s why you may want to use this brand:

For alleviating tension on the scar and its surrounding skin. Tension on a fresh wound and new scar is known to increase scar tissue formation.

Because of its adherance, this silicone tape reduces tension, e.g. tear and stretch along the incision line which is known to minimize the degree of scarring in terms of spreading or thickening.

This product basically combines two proven treatments, silicone and skin adhesive tape.

Study: “taping of scars is a safe, effective and well-tolerated intervention that may significantly improve scar appearance at six months”.

There’s also personal preference, some people will prefer silicone tape while others may opt for thicker silicone sheets that provide more of a barrier and buffer between the scar and clothing or other external elements such as zippers, seat belts.

  • Pros: reduces tension which prevents widening and thickening of scars, offers the benefits of silicones, easily cut to size, sticks very well even when wet, relatively affordable ($27,39)
  • Cons: different feel, doesn’t have the solid occlusion that silicone sheeting offers


Mepiform with Safetac® Technology

Mepiform-Safetac-silicone-scar-sheetsAdheres gently to surrounding skin without use of traditional adhesives. Minimizes trauma to the wound on removal.

Mepiform with Safetac is relatively new to the consumer market. There are not a lot of reviews yet but the product does score the full 5 out of 5 stars (based on 18 reviews).

This brand is especially suitable for people with sensitive or delicate skin. Similar to other brands these sheets also flatten, soften and fade red and raised scars but the way of adherance is different.

Resulting in less risk on skin maceration (the white skin you may see after taking off a wound plaster) and being more gentle on fresh scars. If you know changing sheets is still painful or irritating or taking them off may tear the new tissue, thus interfering with the healing process, Mepiform may be your best bet.

  • Pros: gentle for very sensitive, delicate skin, well-reviewed on Amazon.
  • Cons: expensive ($82 for a 4″ x 7″ (10cm x 18cm) 5 Pack.


Large size silicone sheets for big scars


Large scars are best treated with large silicone sheets because they may bedifficult to keep in place. If you have to work with several pieces it will be extra hard to keep them attached. Another reason is that it may be difficult to have them align perfectly thus running the risk of missing a spot.

Biodermis Epiderm offers large sheets. Their biggest size is 11″ x 15,75″. They also have 1,4″ by 11,5″ long tummy tuck scar sheets.

In comparison, ScarAway long is 7″ and Cica Care sheets are 6″.

Brands that offer pre-shaped silicone sheets

Sometimes pre-shaped sheets are your best option. Certain scars, e.g. a breast surgerly scar, have such typical shapes that you can not cut them properly yourself.

Biodermis Epiderm offer pre-shaped breast surgery anchor silicone sheets as well as vertical mastoplexy and breast areaopexy sheets.

This brand also has sheeting designed to perfectly fit the areola and anchor incision scar or other typically shaped surgery scars.

ScarFX is a brand that also offers these silicone sheets for specific types of surgery. For an overview of various large and pre-shaped gel sheets visit Makemeheal.

ScarAway c-section scar treatment strips are developed specifically for moms recovering from c-sections. Size of each sheet, 7″ long and 1.5″.

The best silicone gel cream brands

Most studies demonstrate that sheeting is more efficient than gels. Gels however are more convenient. They are barely noticeable and require less effort concerning application and keeping them on.

If you’re in the market for a gel I would recommend one of these three:

  • NewGel+E Advanced Silicone Gel for Scars
  • ScarAway Scar Repair Gel with Patented Kelo-cote Technology
  • Kelo-cote


Further recommendations

When it comes to choice of silicone scar sheet brand I recommend Cica-Care , ScarAway, and Molnycke’s Mepitac silicone tape.

If I would have a new scar I wanted to treat I think I would go for Mepitac because it combines the best of two worlds, silicone occlusion (and thus improved oxygen flow and hydration) as well as good old paper tape that reduces tension.

Other things to keep in mind..

Compliance in keeping these products on for at least 12 to up to  23.5 hours a day is the key to having them work.

Also make sure to buy the apropriate size. If your scar is long you may want to buy sheets that are large enough so you don’t have to put multiple strips on it.

Also remember that you should not use any creams under the sheets. This will prevent them from sticking and interferes with the action of the silicones.

Silicone sheeting and (paper) tape do work. (Based on international recommendations it is the first choice of hypertrophic scar treatment).

How fast you will notice improvements depends on your scar, how deep the cut or incision was, skin type, overall health, predisposition to scarring, if you smoke, et cetera.

Apart from cosmetic appearance these over-the-counter remedies also alleviate itching and tenderness of new scar tissue.


Do Silicone Scar Sheets Really Work? Studies and Experiences

Question; Do silicone scar sheets really work?

Answer, yes they do. Not on all types of scars but for the right type of scar they are the best non-invasive, over the counter option you got. (Non invasive treatments are not only more affordable but there are also less risks on complications involved)

Since the early 1980’s numeral clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness and safety of silicone scar sheeting.

More controlled clinical trials have been performed on silicones than on other methods. A few conclusions:

“The silicone gel sheets resulted in moderate improvement in scar thickness, scar color and was noted to be effective to some degree in all tested. The material was easy to use and painless. Topical silicone gel sheeting is an effective method for the treatment of hypertrophic and keloid scars.”

source: Topical silicone gel sheeting in the treatment of hypertrophic scars and keloids

“silicone gel has the most data behind it as an efficacious topical, OTC treatment option for scars, and is an option for patients who want something they can buy themselves.”

source: this article on

This type of OTC scar treatment is also referred to as the clinical gold standard for scar treatment and scar prevention.

According to the International Advisory Panel on Scar Management it has

“demonstrated clinical efficacy over all other forms of topical treatments”


“is recommended by many experts such as dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons as the first line therapy for several types of scars”

And another study examining the effectiveness of silicone gel sheeting in the prevention and/or reduction of evolving hypertrophic scars and keloids concluded:

“Daily treatments with silicone gel sheeting should begin as soon as an itchy red streak develops in a maturing wound. The dressing is effective in reducing the bulk of these lesions.”

source: PubMed.


Small study on keloid prevention

Keloid scars often appears after median sternotomy (chest surgery involving a vertical incision). Because of little tissue and delicate skin this part of the human body is prone to ugly (excessive) scar tissue in general.

Nine median sternotomy patients wearing silicone sheets for 24 weeks were examined. At the end of the study all patients were free of keloid scars. Conclusion of the study:

“A silicone gel sheet is safe and effective for the preventing the formation of keloid scars after median sternotomy.”

Source: PubMed.

Apart from the various clinical trials and other studies I know these really work because I have used them myself.

Click the link to read more about my experiences. For more study abstracts and other scientific info check out the links at the bottom of this page.

On Which Scars Does Silicone Scar Sheeting Work?

In general, on raised and or discolored scars. Mostly they are used for surgery and burn scars but other scars can be treated effectively too as long as they are raised and discolored.

Another benefit is that they prevent ugly, excessive scars such as keloids, from developing.

So what about depressed scars?

Well, as far as I know this product does not work on these scars. I did hear from someone who mailed me his story once that he used CicaCare sheets which were very sticky and he theorized that his indented scar, which improved, did so because of the stickiness.

He thought that it lifted his scar up and thus improved its appearance.

Types of scars silicone sheets have shown to be effective:

Silicone sheets are the first-line therapy for various types of scars. Scars that can be successfully treated are:

  • keloids (keloidal scars) keloids are firm, rubbery lesions or shiny, fibrous nodules, and can vary from pink to flesh-colored or red to dark brown in color.
  • hypertrophic (hypertrophic (raised, thickened and stiff)
  • burn scars
  • (plastic) surgery scars such as; breast augmentation and reduction scars, tummy tuck scars, caesarian section scars, etc..
  • Mastectomy scars
  • Hysterectomy scars
  • body piercing scars
  • tattoo removal scars
  • cleft lip scars

Apart from successfully treating these types of scars the strips also prevent prominent scars from developing.

Some people even use them for treating wrinkles but as far as I know there’s no clinical evidence supporting its efficacy.

Did you use silicone for scars? Any success? Would love to hear your experiences. You can share your story below.

Cica Care Silicone Scar Treatment Review

Here’s my Cica Care review. I think you will want to hear me out, even though I haven’t used this brand myself,  I have something valuable to say.

When I will have a fresh scar, under certain circumstances I would definitely purchase Cica Care silicone sheets.

Yup, for me it’s not a matter of Do Silicone Scar Sheets Really Work? but only on which brand I will get. ( I know they work, and which benefits using them has)

These are the circumstances: when I’d have a facial scar (or another scar on a location on my body on which silicone sheets are hard to keep attached, or in case of an indented scar.

Here’s why.

Cica Care silicone scar sheetsCica care strips, or pads as they are called as well, show to be relatively sticky.

For most scars strips being overly sticky is not recommended because the freshly formed, delicate scar tissue may be damaged by the tension caused by the adhesiveness.

I’m even inclined to think that Cica Care Silicone Scar Strips may also work on sunken (indented) scars. This came to mind when I received a comment (on another website) from someone who used this brand.

But as this user describes, it could very well be this stickiness which helps his sunken scar raise. He tried several other brands that didn’t help improve his sunken scar.

Which is not so strange because normally silicone products don’t benefit these scars. (if I’m correct they won’t worsen these scars either)

The notion that extra sticky strips might help raise sunken scars is not clinically proven. It’s just a user experience I thought was worth mentioning. Especially since there are no OTC scar products I know of designed to improve indented scars.

Here’s a part of this user’s review:

In addition, I get the sense that this Cica Care pad is doing a better job of flattening by pulling up the sunken middle of my scar than the others. Because the gel conforms so well to the shape of the scar, it makes clingy contact with the sunken parts better than the others, and I think that tends to pull them up over time.

Furthermore Cica Care strips may be useful in case of facial scars because silicone strips can be hard to keep attached onto the face.

Here’s an overview of other brands and here’s more info on where to buy silicone for scars.

Did you use Cica Care sheets? Or another brand? Share your experiences below so others can benefit from your knowledge.

silicone sheeting for scars

Where To Buy Silicone Scar Sheets

ScarAway silicone for scars
ScarAway silicone for scars

So you already know silicone for scars is probably the best non invasive option when it comes to treating hypertrophic and keloid scars.

I deliberately say probably because every human being is different and sometimes what works for many doesn’t work for someone.

Click the link if you are asking yourself; does silicone for scars really work?

However, in general it is accepted that silicone scar sheets are the most affordable and effective way to treat raised, discolored scars. Studies confirm this.

On top of that, I used them myself, after being told that nothing could be done to improve my surgery scars I learned that my scars became flatter, smoother, less red, less irritable.

So where to buy silicone scar sheets?

Silicone scar sheets can be bought in stores such as;

FredMeyer, DuaneReade, Albertsons, Walgreens and Boots

and online at

Amazon, Walgreens,, and Makemeheal.

Makemeheal is specialized in post surgery treatment and offers a wide range of pre-shaped silicone scar sheets. I.e. for the treatment of tummy tuck, c-section, or breast augmentation scars. Because these dedicated sheets have already been formed in the right shape no accurate trimming has to be done.


Make sure to get the right size for your scar. For example if you have a thin but relatively long scar it is advisable to get strips that are at least as long as your previous incision. Otherwise you will have to use two strips at the same time which will require more effort keeping them attached.


Since it became clear that the use of silicones in burn centers was an effective way to treat scars silicone sheeting became available to the consumer market. This has led to a wide range of brands that offer these scar products. Here’s an overview of silicone scar sheeting brands.

What to look for?

Some brands have better adhesive qualities, others are more permeable (letting oxygen trough) than others so make sure to read reviews on which brand will suit your needs best. ( in general, make sure to purchase permeable sheets since if you don’t you may develop skin maceration which is undesirable)

Types of silicones

The most important thing though is the type of silicones that are used. Not all products are equal. Make sure to buy silicone scar strips (strips, sheets, patches, pads, all refer to the same thing) that contain dimethicone silicones.

Make sure to compare prices

Make sure to compare prices online. For example at this moment on Wallgreens the 1.5″ x 3″ 8 count package costs $21.49 but even with let’s say a 10% off coupon these are more expensive than when you buy them at Amazon at $13,56 for the same package.

The brand I used

I already told you I used the sheets myself. I used them on my surgery scars and the brand I used is ScarAway, they are one of the best quality brands available. At least that was a few years ago but I think they still are. ScarAway also uses dimethicone silicones.

Where to buy if you are in another country (than the USA or UK)

First you could check if maybe your local pharmacy carries them. If not, I would recommend to check Amazon to see if they ship to your country.


ScarAway silicone for scars

My ScarAway Review

There are several silicone sheet brands such as Rejuveness, Mepiform, ScarFX, Dr.Blaine, Cica Care, and ScarAway. All of these are designed specifically for the treatment of scars. I happen to know a fair bit of OTC scar treatment and generally recommend ScarAway.

Read my ScarAway review to find out why (apart from having used them myself and being content with the results).

Important note: silicones for scars are designed to flatten, soften, reduce itch and pain, and tone down the color of raised scars. They will (probably) not work on indented scars.

My Personal Review

before and after silicone scar sheets
before and after silicone scar sheets

First a bit about my own experiences. A few years ago I ended up in the hospital with stitches in my face, neck, chest and back. I was concerned about the scars that inevitably would emerge. Upon asking nurses, doctors, and even a dermatologist for treatment tips I got little to no useful advice. Mostly I was told that you can’t do anything when it comes to improving the cosmetic appearance of scars.

Partly from being stubborn and mostly because I found it very hard to cope with my new markings I started doing research. Only after contacting a private clinic I learned about silicone sheeting. I started using the sheets and soon noticed the scars becoming softer, flatter, and less itchy and painful. After wearing them for months my scars had improved a lot.

My most problematic scar

One part of the 20 cm long vertical scar on my chest was problematic from the beginning. It seems this is a very delicate and vulnerable part of the skin on the chest. When I bend my head on my chest its the part just below my chin touching my chest.

Some scars, particularly in the sternum, shoulder, shinbone (tibia), jawbone, and earlobe heal slower. They also tend to become more prominent.

It started with not healing appropriate. Where the rest of the wound was already healed this part stayed an open wound for a much longer time. Later on when the scar was improving this part stayed thicker and more red. The technical name for this is hypertrophic. I considered a steroid injection but eventually decided not to. (Actually I forgot about my appointment, unconsciously being aware of the risk I guess)

I used ScarAway silicone sheets. The long ones so I could use one patch for the whole scar.

About a year later I noticed the scar had healed pretty well and was nice flat and the color was better, more skin like. So after all I am glad I didn’t opt for the steroid injection because it seems many times it doesn’t work or can even make it worse. The scar will heal itself every time it is messed with so leaving it will eventually be the best solution.

Silicone Sheets Offer Immediate Sensitive Scar Relief

Another benefit of wearing (ScarAway) silicone sheets had to do with the most problematic scar of mine. The part of the scar on my chest that was widened, raised, stiff, and purple colored. There’s not much tissue there. In fact it’s very delicate skin almost directly on the sternal bone. I guess this combination of delicate skin and the stiff scar placed on the bone is what made it so sensitive.

Also the location, there’s much friction with clothes, zippers from jackets, buttons, and seat belts made this hypertrophic part of my scar very annoying. Sometimes it did hurt but mostly it just was a very unpleasant feeling. I don’t really know how to describe it. My point is that wearing the silicone scar sheets offered relief. It formed a buffer between the sensitive scar and the things frustrating it. In my opinion this is another benefit of wearing the sheets.

What Should You Look For?

ScarAway silicone for scars
ScarAway silicone for scars

High Quality Silicones
First of all it should be mentioned that not all brands make use of the same type of silicones. There are differences in the quality of silicones used in the products. ScarAway has the proven effective dimethicone silicones and uses Silon technology as well. More in a bit.

Breathable Sheets
Apart from a high quality silicone gel formula these sheets (and their backings) should also allow oxygen to pass through. This is important because if the strip isn’t breathable it might cause skin maceration. We all know the effects of skin maceration when we’ve bathed for a long time and our fingers have turned white and wrinkled. Maceration could result in the skin or scar tissue getting infected with bacteria or fungi. It could also lead to worsening (e.g. widening) of the scar. A reader informed me about how he experienced skin maceration during the use of Dr.Blaine silicone strips.

Moderate Stickiness
Because the silicone scar sheets tend to fall off from time time one could be inclined to think that the strips can’t be sticky enough. (A lack of adhesiveness is one of the common complaints about silicones for scars.) But, as the surgeon of someone commenting on my posts said:

“a proper silicone sheet should never produce a severe pulling on your scar. If it is too sticky, there is the potential to further damage the new skin, or even open a delicate healing area. in general, he said the ideal sheet would be sticky enough to help you position it on the scar, and use a medical tape..cotton or silk, to secure further if necessary…but stickier does not equate to more effective.”

The strips should not be too thick. Some brands offer pads instead of the thinner sheets. These are thought to embed dirt in them whereas thinner ones are easier to clean. Apart from that they are more comfortable.

ScarAway is a brand that combines all these traits. It is, together with Oleeva which I believe isn’t in production anymore, the only brand that makes use of the patented Silon technology.

So What’s This Patented Silon Technology?

ScarAway silicone sheet with Silon technology
ScarAway’s Silon technology

Silon technology was previously exclusively available to major hospitals, burn centers, and the US Military. The trademark is protected by a series of foreign and US patents. Silon technology is also used by plastic surgeons, hospitals, and burn centers in specialty scar treatment garments, masks and sheeting.

Silon technology, is a specially formulated silicone, that mimics the natural barrier function of healthy skin. Research suggests that Silon acts to hydrate scar tissue, which in turn works to soften the scar by breaking down excess collagen, reducing its development and causing it to fade away faster.

“ScarAway starts by softening your scar tissue. Softening of your scar will be noticed in the first few days. This softening occurs by hydrating your scar which in turn helps break down the excess collagen produced when your skin was healing. Over time, with the ideal healing environment created with consistent daily use of ScarAway, your scar will begin to remodel… it will physically change… becoming flatter, smoother, and closer to the texture and color of your surrounding healthy skin. Continue to use ScarAway until your scar has stopped responding for two weeks. The results you achieve with ScarAway are permanent.”

Make sure to choose the right size for your scar. ScarAway comes in 2 sizes: 1.5 x 3″ and 1.5 x 7″. The sheets can also be cut to size for smaller scars or worn side-by-side for larger scars.ScarAway comes in a new package (see below). Some might find this confusing and ask what the difference is with the old, blue package but there is no difference. The same product in a new package.

Scaraway Professional Grade Silicone Scar Treatment Sheets  1.5

Scaraway Professional Grade Silicone Scar Treatment Sheets 1.5″ x 3″ 8-Count

Amazon Price: $24.40

Silicone Scar Sheets by other Brands

Cica Care, Dr.Blaine, Curad, Rejuveness, Scar Fx

I’m not sure what to think about the silicone scar sheets by Curad. According to a study titled “Silicone Gel Products and Scar Integrity” Curad sheets were the cheapest and most effective sheets when compared with Band-Aid and Cica Care sheets. The predominant negative user reviews I read on Amazon don’t seem to match with this conclusion. (a report of this study (Powerpoint presentation) can be found by searching Google for the title)Scar Fx and Rejuveness both offer pre-shaped strips. ScarAway also has dedicated strips for caesarian section scars.

Check out this page for a list with silicone scar sheet brands.