Silicone Sheets for Scars, (How) Does It Work?

silicone sheeting for scars
silicone scar sheet

For many people, scars can representative memories of significant moments in their lives.

However, for most, the physical sight of a scar is one that they would rather forget.

Scars can sometimes feel unpleasant and have psychological effects including self-consciousness issues.

The problem however, scars can’t be removed.

But the good news is their cosmetic appearance can be improved.

It’s a fact that most over the counter scar products just don’t work. Some are even detrimental to scars and your skin in general.

There is however, one type of product that does help diminish scar tissue. Scientific research confirms. This product? Silicone gel creams and sheets.

According to Wikipedia (as well as many other sources) it is in fact the only non-invasive option for which evidence-based recommendations have been made for both scar treatment and prevention. One study concluded:

“Overall, the success rate (somewhat improved to greatly improved) for the treatment of hypertrophic and keloid scars is high (95%).”

Here’s more info on how silicone sheeting, including wearable patches, has become one of the most popular solutions for improving scar appearance.

What is silicone sheeting and does it work?

Silicone sheeting is used by hospital physicians and burn centres across the world to treat patients with scars and other skin wounds.

The silicone sheets have become a proven way to restore scars to your normal skin color which greatly helps reduce visibility.

The relatively low costs of silicone gel make this a particular value treatment. Silicone sheeting treatments are also known as scar patches or gel covers.

How do silicone gel sheets work on scars?

before and after silicone scar sheets
before and after silicone scar sheets

All scars require an idyllic environment to heal which your skin rarely has an opportunity to experience in busy everyday life.

By covering your scar with a silicone sheet and wearing for the duration of the treatment, the silicone patch helps to flatten the scar while returning the scars color and texture to more natural levels and permanently.

The sheets themselves are one side covered in silicone and the other side a transparent film to help cover the scar.

Silicone gel sheets are normally worn for a minimum of 12 weeks, often longer for more effective results.

Types of scars that silicone sheet patches may be used on

Silicone Sheeting can be used on a number of scars and skin wounds. Below is a selection of the most common scars which are treated with silicone gel sheets:

  • Surgical scars – resulted from various hospital operations

  • Wound scars – injury related such as knife wounds

  • Hypertrophic burn scars

  • Contractures burn scars

  • Keloid burn scars

  • Discolored swollen scars

  • Other scars can be considered on an individual basis

Studies into Silicone Sheeting Treatment

Over the years there have been many various studies into silicone sheet treatments for scars to help support the treatment as an effective and safe method.

In fact, there have been more trials using silicone treatment than any other method. A collection of studies into silicone sheeting treatment for scars include:

  • The Journal of dermatological treatment 2003 – found that silicone gel “prevents scar pain and itching” and “Twelve weeks were required for a reduction in scar redness and elevation. Silicone gel sheeting is effective and safe”.

  • Journal of Prosthodontics 1999 – discovered that “Silicone thermoplastic sheeting has been used successfully in the management of hypertrophic and keloid scars”.

  • Treatment of Hypertrophic and Keloid Scars with Gel Sheeting 1994 – reported that “success rate for the treatment of hypertrophic and keloid scars is high (95%).”

There are dozens more worldwide studies available on silicone sheet treatment and it is widely considered that this scar therapy method provide some of the highest success levels compared to the value of other methods. Read this post to find out more about studies on silicones for scars.

Life after Silicone Sheet Treatment

While Silicone Gel Sheet treatment will never be able to 100% remove your scar, it can vastly help to improve your life and the appearance of your scars.

Patients find that while the treatment can sometime last several months, it is effective in reducing the texture and color of the scar to a more natural level. This is important for your own self confidence and happiness in the future.

Various brands are available on Amazon. I have used ScarAway myself. Because this brand worked well for my I often recommend it to others with hypertrophic scars. You can read more about my experiences here.

15 thoughts on “Silicone Sheets for Scars, (How) Does It Work?

  1. Thank you so much for your website and review. I have a horrible looking Hypertrophic scar on my face, and it is really affecting my self esteem. Now after seeing this website, I feel I have some hope and I can’t wait to purchase it. 🙂

      1. I am a doctoral level chemist/Pharmacist. I use and recommend cheap silicone adhesive. Test patch on wrist. If no reaction put on scar and cover with (occlusive) bandage.

  2. I am a physician, my grand daughter has a burn on her breast and she is using the silicone cream for treatment of scar formation. Please send my direction for using this cream and or sheet of silicone thanks khfeiz

    1. I know ScarAway sheets are as the manufacturer states: “Safe for C-Section/Nursing Moms.”. Please check the instructions, website, or Amazon product description for your specific brand.

    2. Susie; As a former critical care RN for 23 yrs, I first specialized in adults, then pediatrics and last but not least neonates (premature babies) , which was my favorite. Every patient enriched my life, as I hope I dd the same for them. When considering exposing a child to any medication you have to weigh out the pros and cons. If an infant would not breath without a drug, then it becomes medically necessary to expose that child to that medication , but only with trained personnel (including parents). supervision. I would ask your baby’s and your physician. My rule is usually less is better. However you know your baby better than anyone so read, educate yourself talk to specialists (doctors and nurses and the manufactures of this medication). If you decide to use this medication on yourself stay vigilant – if you feel something is wrong with your child immediately remove the med and go to a children’s facility that can handle emergency s.


  3. What do you think about Silagen and BioCorneum? These products have presented themselves as medical grade silicone scar products. The have silicone +/- SPF. Thank you

  4. Hi. I have a hypertrofic scars by acne (8 years ago) . Is this good for that? One of them is the same color of my skin and another is discolored (white) thanks.

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